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Jul 20, 2021 Published

Are you searching for a free blog to share your work with the world? We have developed ten great sites to establish a blog for free, regardless of whether you want to share your family and friends or start a blog and grow a broader public.

You may start your job or advise instantly with the world's best free blogging platforms without worrying about hosting letters. And, whether you're using a primary, nonsensical tool to spend a little longer on your words or something flexible that can provide good results if you want to spend a little time on them, here you may find the perfect option.

Free blog hosting is fantastic for novices but may not be the most prominent option, in particular, if you are looking for complete customization and branded website. Instead, we went online to discover top packages for monthly rates equal to the cost of a cup of coffee.

What Blogging Platforms Recommend?

We have now uncovered the best accessible free blogging systems, from the easy-to-use tools for hammering words on a page to full-scale online blog publishing suites that handle blogging with great joy, and if you suspect your desire for a long term blog and look for our best website builders' guide. Don't know how to go to the blog? You can find our instructions for establishing a blog; if not, check our list of the best free blogging platforms accessible.

1. Word Press is the leader among free blogging sites. It's a platform free of charge. However, you need to build the site yourself most of the time. It would assist if you also host the software. While you can find some popular Word Press hosting, a better long-term strategy is to invest a moderated amount in a solid Word Press host.

Here, Blue host enters the equation. This is a meager cost and offers solid functionalities such as a free domain name, 50 GB disc space, non-metric bandwidth, Free SSL, and 100 MB of e-mail storage per account. Blue host is the cheapest sensitive hosting for Word Press you can discover.

2. Firstage

Firstage is a totally free platform for blogging. The Firstage blogging platform is our first proposal if you want to start blogging fast and easily. The drag and drop editor of Firstage makes it easy to create any content for your blog site. It also enables dynamic material like videos, charts, social network feeds, graphics up to 1900 services and tools by pasting a link without the requirement for technical knowledge. In addition, Firstage helps analyze data, gain audience insights, interact with readers, and master SEO for building, fine-tuning, and transforming a business.

3. Wix

Wix is a free website business that is fully manageable from the front. The primary feature of this website is that there are drag-and-drop alternatives so that nothing can be handled backward. The design is quite intuitive and contemporary, ideal for both beginners and experienced users. Wix provides free hosting, so just layouts must be configured, a template selected, and you are all set. It gives a beautiful variety of free and paid themes and styles for many uses, including blogging.

4. Weebly

Weebly is another website developer you may use to blog and sell items or to show your portfolio. It's something like Wix since it provides a WYSIWYG editor with drag-and-drop functions. You may drag and modify the button on the page to add a specific button. The same applies to picture galleries, schemes, or any other multimedia component. The software also has integrated analysis and enables you to utilize your domain.

5. Medium

Medium is a flexible platform for many subjects in which anybody may write an account. Contrary to most other free blogging sites, the medium offers a significant benefit. Your articles are accessible to huge audiences, as the number is increasing every month as 61 million people frequent our site. It's easy to use - just signup and write. The result, though, is that all of your content is middling. You don't build your location like you would with WordPress.

6. Ghost

Ghost is another Word Press blogging platform. The Ghost program may be downloaded free of charge, but you need paid fuel hosting. Digital Ocean supports Ghost: it's cheap and has several attractive features. On the contrary, installing Ghost isn't as simple as Word Press, and you may have to dirty your hands depending on which server you pick your site.

7. Tumbler

Tumbler is one of the first free blogging services. It's a little milder than the others listed. Contrary to the other platforms, which are primarily for publishing, this one focuses more on multimedia or social media content. The Tumbler interface is more entertaining and simpler to begin - you simply signup and then publish. It offers a variety of postal styles, such as a traditional blogging platform. The issue with Tumbler is that if you have corporate aspirations, it would just be for your usage and would not be a great option. It's basic, offers you limited customizing options, and has a more social media environment, as I said before.

8. Joomla

Joomla is similar, but not as obvious when you see the free blog sites. The software is free, like WordPress, but needs a domain and hosting. Since with WordPress, we recommend Bluehost as it is both very cheap and trustworthy and provides a free environment. Joomla may not only be used for blogs but also more complex websites using a flexible interface. The quality of templates and extensions may be selected to add unique features. The platform has an old-school editor that, in some ways, appears comparable to Microsoft Word in terms of ease of use. The font, color, emoticons, size, table, or background may be selected. I mean, you feel as though you had the tools on the menu in a Word window.


1. Choose the descriptive name of your blog. Use Domain Wheel to pick the perfect domain name for your blog.

2. Buy a domain and get your hosting blog. We suggest you host Bluehost and get your website for free.

3. Installation of Word Press. You can install WordPress via the Bluehost interface with a few simple steps.

4. Find an appropriate WordPress theme or template. Change your blog design to fit your needs.

5. Get Word Press plugin installation in particular and add-ons needed. Give your blog additional features like social sharing and image optimization.

6. Start a blog and communicate your voice to the world. Start writing, share and talk with your followers about your selected topic.

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