Where Can I Blog For Free? How To Choose A Free Blogging Platform?

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Jul 17, 2021 Published

Did you recently develop an interest in blogging to express your ideas and interest with like-minded people or promote your business? Or maybe you want a side-hustle to earn some extra.

If your answer to any of the above is ‘yes,’ blogging is an excellent way to bring out your inner passion for writing about what you love and earn some extra cash.

However, you will need a blogging platform to get started. Luckily, there are many blogging platforms where you can create a free blog site and kick start your career as a blogger. 

But, how to choose the best free blogging platform that will help you create professional, captivating, and appealing blogs?

Keep on reading to know the top blogging platforms that you can get your hands on for free but first, let us give you some killer tips concerning the selection of a free blog site.

Tips For Choosing A Free Blogging Platform

Before introducing you to some free blogging sites, you need to understand what to look for while choosing a suitable one to make a fresh start. 

  • Choose a platform that is easy to set up.

  • It should be easy to learn and use with reading resources available.

  • No coding or special skills required.

  • If you intend to continue with your blogging ambition, the platform must grow with your blogging demands.

  • The platform must support your desired blog niche.

Data shown in millions

Today there are around 1.7 billion websites, out of which about 600 million are blogs (the number was 500 million in 2019. Out of these 600 million blogs, 488 million belong to Tumblr, Wix powers 2 million while about 60 million belong to WordPress.

Best Free Blogging Platforms To Look For?

So, once you know what you need in your blogging platform, it’s time to compare some top-notch free blog sites easing things out for your newly developed interest in writing blogs.

1. WordPress

WordPress tops our list, supporting both free blogging and experts looking to create a professional blogging website. Being an open-source platform, anyone can use it and create a blogging website freely and easily.  No wonder, over 40% of websites use WordPress today. 

WordPress blog builder is the easiest option for beginners. The platform guides you on how to create a blog for free by using a pre-made template, a layout of your choice, a color scheme, and much more. Moreover, it grants you flexibility and an option to expand your website in the future by adding thousands of themes and plugins; you can make your blogs more comprehensive and exciting.

The simple expense that you will have to incur includes purchasing a domain name and web hosting service.

Features We Love

  • It is an easy, safe and reliable platform to work with.

  • The theme directory gives access to countless versatile themes.

  • SEO plugins allow you to optimize your blogs for ranking.

2. Wix

Wix a free blog hosting site with tons of intuitive features, and yes, we are talking about Wix free website builder version. It is another excellent platform for beginners and is highly flexible. Wix's ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) platform will help create a layout depending on your taste. The Wix Turbo boosts the performance of your website, while the platform also grants effortless access to images and other media options.

The free plan for Wix works by a beginner-friendly simple drag and drop editing option where you can choose any of the pre-made templates. However, the site should be hosted by the Wix domain. You can also customize the built-in themes that go along with your blog’s theme. The free website builder version gives you a limited bandwidth while allowing you 500MB of data transfer per month. 

The downside of this blog builder site is Wix ads appearing on each page and the unavailability of an online payment feature.

Features We Like

  • No special coding skills are required.

  • Mobile responsive platform.

  • Easy solution for building and maintaining your website using a single platform.


Medium was launched in 2012 and is both a publishing and blogging platform. Being a combination of these two, the platform allows newcomers to work alongside experienced and skillful writers. You get to enjoy the company and reviews of serious writers posting and publishing highly centric topics in their particular niche through comments and blog sharing options.

Medium's interface looks more like a social platform where you just need to create an account and start posting your blogs with no particular storage limit. Besides, there is no need to download or use any domain to get started with this free blog. Medium handles everything for you, and you focus on your writing skills.

Medium Partner Program is an added benefit of this blogging site. Once you become a pro in blogging, you can monetize your quality content through the program and connect with readers willing to pay for your highly engaging blogs. This paid membership program pays writers and bloggers based on the total reading time on their articles. The more people get attracted to your writing, the more you earn.

Features We Like

  • Present your ideas and blogs directly to a vast audience.

  • Include media files in your content.

  • Free to use platform. Requires subscription for being a member of the Medium Partner Program.

4. Blogger

Blogger was introduced by Google, making it one of the most reliable and secure blogging sites for beginners. Users can easily create a blog by using blogspot.com or can also get a paid domain name for their blogs.

The wide array of templates permits users to enhance their site. These templates are mobile and web responsive, making them accessible to all. The primary benefit is its integration with Google, which lends users free web analytics using Google Analytics. Its Google integration also enables it to use the user’s Google Drive for storing images and files. This gives users a huge storage space of about 15GB without compromising the quality of videos.

The dashboard on the Blogger gives you an accurate and up-to-date analysis of your viewers. From keeping an eye on bad comments to giving users a quick visual view of the distribution of their readers, the platform has a list of impressive features for every blogger, new or otherwise.

Features We Like

  • Offer free and paid domains according to your preference.

  • Let’s you monetize your content by integrating it with Google AdSense.

  • Storing media files on your Google Drive.

5. Weebly

Weebly is a powerful blog builder with multiple tools and remarkable features to make blogging easy and manageable. The platform is particularly suitable for small and e-commerce businesses. 

Just like Wix, the platform operates on the basis of a drag and drop module where you can add the content of your choice in your blogs. You can add social media links, maps, text, and images with ease and make your blog look engaging. The “Secret Draft Link” gives you a preview of your freshly written blog, whereas the built-in hosting provider ensures fast loading. 

However, all these fantastic features come with certain limitations, such as bloggers have a 500MB uploading limit, and your blogging site will display Weebly ads.

Features We Like

  • Customizable pre-built templates.

  • Multiple apps and third-party integration offer more functionality.

  • SEO tools support optimization for better ranking.

6. Firstage

Firstage is an all-in-one blogging platform for beginners and professionals alike. With no hidden fee, no expertise in coding language, and without any learning curve, the platform is ideal for free blogging.

This free blogging site lets newbies focus more on publishing high-quality blogs than getting confused with countless editing tools and technical stuff as all the needed functions are 100% built-in. Also, there is no need to set up anything. As of now, content builder, marketing, and analytics are ready to be used, whereas subscription and one-time payments will begin in August 2021. 

Features We Love

  • The creator can embed more than 1900+ media services just by pasting the link, including Spotify, Sound Cloud, twitch, and more.

  • Support poll, comment, and offer an interactive experience to readers. 

  • Support tools including free images, code editor, table, and file downloads.

  • Will brand your name on your blogs without obscuring the post.

  • It sends the newest content to subscribers for free.

  • Offers data analytic tools such as active users, new users, engagement time, and referral URL.

7. Tumblr

Tumble is a micro-blogging site. In simpler words, this blog builder supports multimedia and short-form content. You can merge media files, including audio, videos, audio files, Gifs, and stickers, to make your blog appealing. With this type of content support, the platform is more famous among teenagers and visual bloggers.

With the option of reposting your favorite blog on the platform, you can get noticed by the in-built professional blogger community. In short, the platform is quite straightforward and offers tons of easy sharing options.

Features We Like

  • Easy options for publishing images, videos, audio, and other forms of multimedia files.

  • Supports custom domain name.

  • Offers password protection.

  • Social media sharing option available.

Concluding Thoughts

With so many free blog sites, it is pretty challenging to arrive at a final decision that is also right, but now you know how to create a blog for free. It is a free blog hosting or blog builder; we have covered all for you.

Instead of paying huge sums of money, you should begin with free blogging sites, and once you become a pro, you can easily add plugins and other functionalities to get a higher ranking on Google.

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