12 Advantages of Online Courses during a Lockdown

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Jul 26, 2021 Published

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Since the lockdown has begun, every school, college, and institution has been evacuated, and students are beginning to lose interest in their studies. At that point, online courses are the most convenient option available. Taking virtual courses during this shutdown has several benefits over traditional sessions. A period like this has never been experienced before by anybody, particularly educational institutions. The world has thrown a wrench into the learning process. Physical education courses were halted, children were forced to remain at home, and several schools were compelled to close their doors permanently.

Because of the abrupt shutdown, everyone was emotionally and mentally degraded to a great extent. Parents and students are putting themselves in a position of having to remain safe and secure. At this time, the government has announced that all educational institutions would be closed indefinitely. Students are experiencing difficulties due to year drop and session gap problems. Educational institutions provide students with online courses that allow them to continue their sessions to mitigate the issue. Children have been kept occupied by online courses throughout the lockdown since they now had to attend the sessions during the time they would have otherwise spent doing valuable nothing during the lockdown.

Is online seeking is beneficial as successful as traditional classroom learning?

Yes! Numerous studies have shown that online learning may be just as helpful for individuals who have access to technology as for those who do not. In fact, according to research conducted by the Research Institute of America, e-learners remember 40 to 70 percent of what they learn, compared to 12 to 15 percent cent recalled by students in traditional learning environments. According to a survey, individuals could cover almost five times as much information via online learning without increasing their study time.

Because students may review challenging topics at their own pace and skip over more simple ideas, online study sessions are very beneficial for many students.

Was there anything else that online learning might contribute to society in the wake of the pandemic?

In the current environment, there are a variety of compelling reasons to invest in online programs. 

The following are the most significant advantages that an online learning style may provide.


Online courses and certificates are more inexpensive than those provided at conventional training centres. They also offer greater flexibility. On a variety of websites, you may discover high-quality certification courses. In addition, you save the costs of attending courses and the wear and strain on your car due to travelling for extended periods.

2.Adaptable timetables

You may maintain a healthy work-study balance with an online course while simultaneously returning to the workforce for a full-time program. You will be able to take a convenient session for your schedule, and you will have no gaps on your CV to present to a prospective employer.


Organizations treat online certificates in the same way they would do a degree from a traditional institution. Recruiters are now aware of the technological advancements that have occurred in recent years, and for this reason, they are now providing education and training online.

4.A large number of options

Online courses are easily accessible on almost every website on the planet. It provides a wide range of disciplines and levels to meet your specific needs. There are choices for any student or working professional, ranging from six sigma certification to digital marketing certification.


With online certificates and courses, you have the flexibility to study and teach from any location on the planet. It eliminates the necessity for commuting and the requirement to adhere to a rigid schedule. On the other hand, virtual classrooms are accessible through the internet from any location at any time.


The most significant advantage of taking an online course is that you may save time (and stress) by not having to commute to and from class regularly. It allows you to choose a period when you are not working or studying convenient for you. You may also choose between a full-time program and individual courses requiring just a few hours each week.


Another benefit of online courses during lockdown is that they enable students to attend class from any place they want, regardless of where they are physically located. It also enabled schools to access a more extensive network of pupils rather than being limited to a particular geographic area. Aside from that, the online lectures may be stored, recorded, and shared with others for future use.

8.New Technological Developments

Students can experience the digital world via online classroom tools such as Google Meet, Zoom, and other similar services. When it comes to assignments, utilizing PowerPoint enables students to improve their skills. Using Google to find a new information and new learning methods also helps them improve their skills. The ability to learn both the classwork and the technology is a significant advantage for them.


Getting up, getting dressed, going ready, and getting to school is a time-consuming procedure that should be avoided if attendance is improved. It is challenging and tedious for all of the pupils. However, there is no need for this virtual procedure to continue the lengthy process. 

With a single tap, the attendance is completed. As a result, you will no longer be required to travel to boost attendance. It is an excellent opportunity for introverted kid to enhance their involvement and interaction in the classroom.

10.Exciting and entertaining

Students find online courses to be entertaining and engaging. Students were more interested in attending class as a result of their enthusiasm. In this twenty-first century, the younger generation is discovering that digital technology is an excellent learning tool. Attending online courses is considerably more convenient and pleasant than attending actual classes. The online course has defied the conventional learning rules of the globe and changed the course of history. In an online lesson, a dull subject may be turned into something enjoyable for the students.

11.Reduce the amount of academic pressure you are under.

One of the most significant aspects of receiving a free education degree is the chance to study whatever you choose. These days, many online platforms give high-quality online courses in virtually every area of activity, and these courses will equip you with the most practical and relevant information in your chosen subject.

Because of the restrictive nature of a school's atmosphere, children are often subjected to the pressure of attendance, performance, and manner points. Some pupils are remarkably inept at accumulating additional credit points. As a result of these factors, students suffer despair, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts in increasing numbers.

12.Cost Advantages of Online Learning

The advantage of online courses is that there are no more additional points to accumulate. The virtual classroom allows students to learn in a new setting. In this environment, students acquire new skills while also expanding their academic knowledge base. It is also possible to communicate with friends and instructors. There is no longer any competitive atmosphere. The competition serves as a platform that pushes students to acquire new topics and their existing knowledge.

Education may be prohibitively costly, but virtual learning can offer a variety of opportunities for students to save their funds. It is possible to save money on transportation expenses if you do not have to travel to campus. It also implies that you will save time since you will not have to commute to and from school. Every year, the typical student spends more than a thousand dollars on textbooks and course materials, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Virtual coursework often uses online resources, resulting in a reduction in the amount of money spent on textbooks.

Tuition prices may also differ between program offered online and those offered on-campus. For example, students enrolling in online programs in the School of Education at the University get a 20 per cent discount off the average tuition rate for the program. The majority of the online programs provided by the institution are also eligible for financial assistance.

Final Thought

In addition to helping you improve your abilities and advance in your profession, online courses provide various other benefits. Courses offered online allow students the freedom to study on their time schedules, rather than being required to attend class at a particular time. Online courses, particularly those given by distance learning instructors, are less expensive than traditional on-campus courses, making them more accessible. Students have more options when it comes to choosing their courses when they take virtual classes. Face-to-face courses are taught simultaneously, allowing students to select between the systems they are interested in attending. 

Finally, online courses provide students with access to peers all over the globe, allowing them to participate in networking opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable via an on-campus program. 

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